Dalisay Shipping Corporation

Sandigan Ship Service, Inc. provides the following services using our professionals and experiences.

Technical Management
Arrangement/Supply of Ships Stores LO and Repairs as well as Price Negotiations with Suppliers
Selection of Dockyards, Price Negotiation with Dockyards and Docking Works Supervision
Maintenance onboard based on proper PMS and Inventory control
Providing indivisual information of managing vessel through "Sandigan Fleet Information Service" to shipowner

Crew Management
Recruiting and Selection of Qualified Crew
Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars
Providing indivisual information of manned vessel through "Sandigan Fleet Information Service" to shipowner

Upgrading Training, Pre-onboard Training, and Special Briefing before joining to our managing vessel
Providing the following trainings, which are accreditted by MTC (Maritime Training Council);
a. Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork with Bridge Resource Management
b. Engine Room Simulator with Engine Resource Management
c. Deck Management Level Course
d. Engine Management Level Course

Arrangement of Hull Machinery, Loss of Hire, War risk, P&I, FD&D and COFR
Price Negotiation with Insurance Company and P&I Club
Claim Handling

Periodical Vessel Visiting Report
Docking Report
Accounting Report (Budgeting)

New Building Supervision

Pre-Purchase Inspections and Condition Surveys


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