Dalisay Shipping Corporation

Safety Shipping is our Business
We earned our mark as an industry leader of international shipping management in the Philippines. Driven by strong vision and mission, our company has earned well-deserved reputation for high standards of quality, cost-efficient ship management and primary maintenance. Our new, modern and top-of-the line fleet provides superior services while controlling operating costs.
Safety is our primary concern in all our operations. To achieve this, we employ the highest standards in shipboard and marine practices.

Our vision is to achieve worldwide recognition as an excellent Ship Management Company. We will attain this by providing latest global integrated management solutions and high quality service at reasonable cost.

1. Our primary responsibility is to provide an efficient, costeffective and quality service to our customers.
2. We firmly committed to our employees - their development, advancement and involvement in the achievement of our corporate goals and objectives.
3. Competent management will provide leadership, guidance and knowledge to our staff and personnel.

Our Core Purpose
To be the leading shipping services in the industry and to uphold the world class standard as valued symbol of excellence.

Our Core Values
1. Excellence through accountability and reliability
2. Safety first at all times
3. Responsiveness and innovativeness towards meeting customer requirements
4. Continuous professional self development
5. Competency and enthusiastic spirit at all times

Our Professional Operating Ethics
1. We put safety on top of the line.
2. We identify, trace down the root problem and get to the bottom of the problem.
3. We give solution not explanation.
4. Continuous professional self development
5. Our innovative action makes the difference everyday (24 hours global connection).


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